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Fun is out there.

Let Bigfoot help you discover it.

Transforming how you explore locally, one big step at a time.

Imagine Bigfoot as your personal concierge, dedicated to revealing the city's hidden gems just for you. We're reinventing the way you uncover life's unexpected joys, making it fun and effortless to find incredible new adventures. From must-see events to trending places, Bigfoot uses over 50 different trusted sites and rating systems so that you can dive in – where every discovery is a new story waiting to be told. If you have your own favorite spots and local gems in any of the 160 cities currently on Bigfoot, send your list to Bigfoot@MeetBigfoot.com. We'll add the ones that haven't yet been found, and we may even feature your Collection.

Bigfoot learns your interests to uncover those local treasures, just for you, right in your neighborhood.

Bigfoot AI blends a little yeti magic with a few advanced AI models to help craft your perfect day. It's like texting a friend – Littlefoot will discover new Events and Places around you, and create a whole day around it with one click. Use the site or our app to plan, book, or keep friends in the loop with shareable Collections and Itineraries tailor-made for you.