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FAQ for Bigfoot


  • What is Bigfoot?
    • A: Bigfoot is where your best days and nights start. We are on a mission to make it fun and easy to discover amazing things to do, right in your city. With Bigfoot, the cumbersome process of mining events, restaurants, and more become a liberating, exciting exploration. See us as your secret weapon to a great weekend out; your insider friend that knows all the cool things to do.

  • Why are you called Bigfoot?
    • A: Bigfoot represents the undiscovered. Bigfoot itself is an explorer, seeking out new experiences and knows just where you want to go. So when you’re ready to find the hidden gems waiting for you, let Bigfoot be your guide.

  • Who is Bigfoot built for?
    • A: Everyone! No matter who you are, we are solving the common problem that finding new things to do is both difficult and frustrating. We have everything from free hikes to Michelin Star restaurants and everything in between. If you are ready to step outside and discover what’s around you, then Bigfoot is ready to be your guide.

  • What can I use Bigfoot for?
    • A: Bigfoot is a platform for discovering and doing. You can find great things to do around you, save and share them in your personal collections so you have adventures for weeks to come, and then navigate to book at the drop of a hat. Or use Bigfoot AI and with one click you can uncover new Events and Places around you. With a little AI mixed with yeti magic, Bigfoot helps to plan your best day ever.

  • What cities/countries are you in?
    • A: We are currently available in 160+ cities globally and will be expanding rapidly. For a full list of the cities we are in, visit our homepage (you can use either MeetBigfoot.com or TheBigfoot.com) and click the location dropdown just to the right of "Discover" at the top left. To request a new location, contact us at Bigfoot@MeetBigfoot.com.

  • What are categories?
    • A: Categories reflect the many ways we enjoy spending our free time. They are also shortcuts to finding great things to do, just for you. Want to do something fun but not exactly sure what that thing is? Categories stir your imagination and act as a catalyst towards discovering new and exciting adventures.

  • How many categories are there on Bigfoot?
    • A: Categories will continue to evolve based on location and user feedback. If Categories don’t do the trick for your particular use case you can always use Bigfoot AI or our magic search bar to find exactly what you are looking for! Please let us know if there is something you’d love to see by emailing us at Bigfoot@MeetBigfoot.com.

  • Why is my city not yet on Bigfoot?
    • A: It’s a big world out there with so much to discover. We meticulously chose specific cities as our launch cities in this early phase of launch and will be scaling from there. If you want to request your specific location, email us at Bigfoot@MeetBigfoot.com!

  • Why is Bigfoot only in English?
    • A: Our founding team’s native tongue is English so that’s where we started, but make no mistake — we want to support many more languages in Bigfoot.. In doing so, we want to be extremely intentional about translating and localizing our product all while ensuring that we have the best things to do on our platform within that particular market.

  • Can Bigfoot find new things just for me?
    • A: Yes! Bigfoot is designed to be personal so you can get the most out of it. We’ve taken the frustrating legwork out of the hunt by sorting experiences that you are most likely to be interested in based on data points like location, seasonality and previous interactions so that you can focus on finding new things you never even knew existed.

  • What does it cost to use Bigfoot?
    • A: It doesn’t cost a thing to use Bigfoot! We are setting out to transform how we all find unexpected joy in life.

  • Do you have an app?
    • We do! We recently launched our iOS app and it can be found in the Apple app store. We hope to build an Android app in the near future.

  • How do you get ratings for things?
    • Ratings are an aggregation of reviews across over 50 different global websites and blogs to make your search experience that much more enjoyable. Bigfoot does the work, so that you don’t need to compare across different sources.


  • How do I apply filters when searching for an activity within Discover?
    • Use Bigfoot AI on desktop or mobile web to easily filter out options that match what you're looking for. Think of it as your own personal fun concierge. On the Bigfoot App, you can click the blue button in the top right corner and you’ll be presented with options such as date and distance that you can filter by.

  • How are things sorted/presented
    • Items are sorted by experiences that you are most likely to be interested in based on certain data points such as location, seasonality, and previous interaction with the product. At any point, while using the Bigfoot App, you can reorder the list by ordering by a different qualifier such as proximity to you or most reviewed.

  • What is an “experience” on Bigfoot?
    • An experience is anything that you can search for, discover, save or book. They are Things to Do, which are curated by Bigfoot across dozens of expert sources and 160 different cities.

  • Do you guarantee ticket availability?
    • We do not guarantee any pricing or availability.

  • How do I share an experience that I found on Bigfoot?
    • Just click the arrow at the top and share to your heart’s content! We would love for more people to experience Bigfoot and see the breadth of hidden gems out there. We also make it dead simple to share and edit Best Day itineraries that Bigfoot AI generates for you and your friends.

  • Where can I see things that I’ve booked
    • At this time, you’ll need to check with the service provider through which you booked. Long term, we hope to store this information right within Bigfoot to make things even easier for you!

  • When will you add new categories (eg for families or holiday-specific events)?
    • Categories will evolve over time. Please let us know if there is something you’d love to see at Bigfoot@MeetBigfoot.com.


  • What is a collection?
    • A collection is your go-to place to store experiences - past, present and future. It allows you to save special finds and add them to curated lists.

  • Why create a collection?
    • Collections enable you to remember the hidden gems you’ve discovered. Like a playlist, collections can inspire, match any mood or occasion and allow for easy sharing with your friends and family.

  • Can other people see my collections?
    • People will be able to view your collections if they click the link you send to them or you post publicly.

  • Can I share collections on social media?
    • Yes! Collections were designed to be easily shared so others can see what you’re excited about and up to.

  • How do I edit a collection?
    • A collection can be edited by clicking the edit button in the top right corner.


  • How do I book things to do?
    • To book, you’ll click the blue "Learn more" button on the experience details page, which will take you off of Bigfoot to the particular service provider to complete the transaction.

  • Does booking require me to go to another site?
    • Yes, bookings are currently provided by the service provider that offers the experience. There isn’t a way to book directly on Bigfoot at this time, but this is something we are hoping to offer in the future.

  • How do I know if I’ve booked?
    • At this time, you’ll need to confirm booking with the service provider through which you booked. Long term, we hope to store this information right within Bigfoot to make things even easier for you!

  • What if I have an issue with something I booked?
    • In the event you have an issue, you’ll need to reach out to the service provider through which you booked.


  • Why do I have to create an account when creating a collection or saving an experience or Bigfoot AI created itinerary?
    • Having an account enables all of your collections and experiences to be stored for future use. That way you’ll be able to save the hidden gem discoveries you’ve made and share with others.

  • How do I delete my account?
  • How do I request my data?